Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sir Arther Crumpet


Renee D. Murphy (Hughes) said...

A Hippo playing a trumpet! With a mouth that big on Sir Arther, that must be one mighty blow that would smash the trumpet to smithereens! That must be why the trumpet is not a trumpet but rather a crumpet, but still must be for one time use only! HA! Very clever I say Sir Arther!

Tony DiStefano said...

What type of wine are you drinking these days Renee? That's a dragon not a hippo!

Renee D. Murphy (Hughes) said...

One man's dragon is another man's Hippo! You drew him so you're the expert, but I perceived him to be what my imagination saw. Either way he made me laugh, so you accomplished what you set out to do. Vino - the good stuff - if only...I have the palate for expensive wine, but the budget for the mediocre stuff. So nothing is impairing my vision except for age & lack of an updated prescription!


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